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    My 17-year-old daughter recently received a parking ticket from Dundee’s Gallagher Retail Park. She had glanced at the notice, and believed she could park freely for up to two hours.
    On returning to the car, after just over one hour, she found she had received a ticket.
    She went to look at the sign and reading carefully she realised she should have pressed the button for a ticket.
    After several months correspondence, the operators remain adamant the charge is payable.
    I, like her, believe the sign is misleading and it needs to be made clear up front that a ticket must be displayed.
    I now admit it would have been easier to cough up the £30 and move on but it raises a number of points.
    After having spoken to a number of people who have fallen into the same trap, we believe action needs to be taken to ensure that other people do not make the same mistake she did.
    I wonder if other people find the sign to be misleading?
    I can’t believe my daughter is the only person to have fallen foul of this. — R. D. McKenzie.

    Im prety sure we discussed a similar letter a while back. How do these half wits expect the warden to know how long theyve been parked there if they dont put a ticket on?? The signs decieving my arse. If youre gonna be less than 2 hours then you dont have to put money in before you press for your ticket. Its no rocket science.

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    Parked there everday for the last 6 of 7 months, never pressed the button and never got a ticket. Didn't even know there was a warden!

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    only fools would think you could park without a ticket

    like the way its called a trap ,the sign is not misleading it says you need a ticket some folk need to use their brains and take some responsibilty for there stupidness

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    Accompanying it is the picture of one of the signs which she thought was misleading, I'm just wondering which bit? Is it the small one in the background that asks "Have you obtained a ticket?" or on the big one that says "ALL drivers must display a valid ticket"

    Since when is ignorance an excuse?
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    I dont usually ever put a ticket on mine, but it's usually early in the morning Im there. Although I stupidly went on Saturday and put a ticket on. The wardens were crawling all over the place, they must have made a fortune!!

    By the way I say stupidly for going near there on a Saturday


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