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  1. Very very VERY important poll
  2. Favourite cheese
  3. What's your favourite place in the world?
  4. Which Nigella
  5. Whats your favourite thread about favourite things?
  6. Favourite Tea
  7. Favourite Russian
  8. Favourite German dog breed (from these choices only)
  9. Favorite historical dead frenchie (from these choices only)
  10. Favourite Poker Hostess (From these options)
  11. Favourite Clothing Material (from these choices only!!!)
  12. Favourite Bridge (from these options only)
  13. Favourite tower
  14. Favourite Christmas song
  15. Favourite South/Central American dictator, de facto, military junta or otherwise
  16. "Your favourite..." board
  17. Favourite person portrayed as a hero, but they aren't / weren't really........
  18. Favourite twentieth century US President
  19. Fave Xmas Films
  20. Favourite recently outdated European currency?
  21. Favourite Foot
  22. Favourite Drinks Package
  23. Favourite Coin
  24. Favourite Person To Make A Poll
  25. Your favourite breathing method
  26. Favourite brick finish
  27. favourite Mountain (from these)
  28. Your favouirte international organisation (from these options only)
  29. Your favourite ingredient in the sweetie 'sherbert pips'?
  30. Favourite dead British Tory leader (from these options only)
  31. Your Favourite...way to sleep
  32. Favourite 'The Matrix' Baddie
  33. Your Favourite Love Making Positions (with images)
  34. Favourite bear (from these options only)
  35. Favourite former Time "Man of the Year" winner
  36. Favourite episode from the first 5 episodes of TJ Hooker seriers 2
  37. Favourite part of a tyre size
  38. Your favourite nut.
  39. Your favourite grain (from these options only)
  40. Your favourite dead evil person (FROM THESE OPTIONS ONLY)
  41. Favourite style of hat
  42. Christmas Trees..
  43. Favourite world leader spouse
  44. Your favourite Old Skool wrestler... (from these options only)
  45. Favourite Girls Aloud Member :-)
  46. Your favourite Copy & Paster (from these options only)
  47. Favourite Joker from Batman
  48. Favourite Irn Bru Advert
  49. Your Favourite
  50. Favourite curry dish
  51. Does Charlie look like .......
  52. Favourite Xmas prezzy ?
  53. Your worst xmas pressie
  54. Fave Dr Who
  55. Favourite national anthem
  56. Fave Event you celebrate
  57. Sky Sports News Presenter
  58. Your Favourite Old Skool Wrestlers Web Site
  59. Favourite comedy program at the moment
  60. Whats's your favourite tipple ??
  61. Your favourite clothing brands
  62. Apples
  63. Cartoon
  64. Favorite movie sound track
  65. Grand prix ?
  66. Hot Female Athlete
  67. Your favourite steak
  68. Arcade Machine
  69. The Office (UK or USA)
  70. Favourite Arnie Movie
  71. Best sports movie of the following sports and why?
  72. Your favorite quotes you like to be on your t-shirt?
  73. Yer Favourite Gladiator
  74. TV Theme Tune
  75. Favourite Sports Commentator
  76. Favourite Philospohical Quote
  77. Your favourite amount of Layers on a Lasagne.....