View Full Version : Falkirk/Shirey Pirey Quiz

02-07-2007, 13:10
Tomorrow, Tuesday 03/07, 7:30 in the Masonic Hall in Grahams Road. 2.50 entry, 100+ prize, all donations to the shire trust or benefitting organisations.

Big kick-off b4 the falkirk fortnight and should have a few celebrity's there.

I'll be there so if you live close or fancy it PM me and we can meet up.

03-07-2007, 21:40
what a brilliant night, for 2.50 i think the shire may just sign a half decent keeper for the new season. :)

good night all round, had a good few bevvy's and a great laugh.

off to bed now...


09-07-2007, 00:15
Am I the only one wondering how the Dude knows so much about the Masonic Hall's event schedule? ;D

09-07-2007, 07:44
hmmmm, can't tell you? :)