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Thread: McInnes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butthead View Post
    Rangers are a total shambles but it's still a much higher profile job than Aberdeen with a much larger salary I imagine. He'll no get a better job offer, he should have taken it.
    I agree

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    They're not ready to win the league any time soon. Too early to take that job.

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    No everyone is motivated by money. I'm sure McInnes has made a lot of cash over the last 20 odd years anyway.

    Perhaps he realises that he'll never get near Celtic with the current set of bufoons running The Rangers (2012), and is happy with his lot at Aberdeen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by established1909 View Post
    No everyone is motivated by money. I'm sure McInnes has made a lot of cash over the last 20 odd years anyway.

    Perhaps he realises that he'll never get near Celtic with the current set of bufoons running The Rangers (2012), and is happy with his lot at Aberdeen.

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    And he regretted that decision did he not.

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    The difference between McLean and McInnes is that in 1983 when McLean was offered the job he was a VERY successful manager, McInnes has won the same as Jim McIntyre, Danny Lennon, Kenny Shields but with a MUCH higher budget and better players at his disposal.

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    I am truly surprised that he didn't take it and I have a sneaky suspicion the chairman told him he wasn't moving so he better go to the media and tell them it was all his idea and nothing to do with the chairman. He will be their manager in the future

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    He really should have taken the Sunderland job tbh. He'll definitely no get a bigger chance than that.

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    Sunderland have already sacked their next manager though. An insipid appointment it may have been, but when they sold Pickford for 30m, and spent 1.25m, you know there is something wrong there.

    I was surprised as anyone by McInnes' staying, but 3-4 weeks ago, I'd have said he definitely wouldn't go. It was the media hype that changed my thoughts on that, and looking back, it was because it was so one sided. As much as they may have been correct that he was "first" choice (he was definitely a choice) and that he would be interested in speaking to him (he certainly contemplated it), it was the surrounding noise of Sevco minded folk being rolled out continuously while having very few, if anyone, contemplating that Aberdeen may be the better option.

    Overall, it's interesting to see where he ultimately ends up when he leaves. He has now publicly rejected two teams after they've made their interest known. That is quite unusual now, where most of the time there will have been some significant back channel chat between hiring club and employed manager. Both clubs had bigger budgets, bigger crowds and better facilities. While it shows commitment to Aberdeen in a way, there is little doubt that if these were better managed clubs, he'd be gone.

    How many well managed clubs are there out there though, especially in the English Championship, where he is most likely to generate interest? Has he hindered his chances of future jobs with two well publicised rejections of clubs? So far there have already been 3 manager changes in the English Championship during the season and no links or interest. I'm not really sure where he sees himself getting that next job.

    Overall though, as it stands I'm happy he has stayed. While I'm not exactly enthralled that he entertained the idea of moving to a direct rival, I can understand it. Plus, it lead to that great statement coming out from Rangers, comedy gold. He now needs to do something to get someone to take note of him if he wants to make that leap.

    I feel last season was a ceiling though for us, and he now has a tougher scenario than he has faced in his duration here, most of his tenure has had either no or weak Rangers, Hearts, Hibs and Dundee United, all teams who usually consistently compete. Celtic, Aberdeen and St Johnstone are the only 3 teams to have 4 out of 4 top 6 finishes during McInnes tenure. Dundee United, Hearts and Motherwell are next with two.

    He'll do well to get anywhere near last season again, but perhaps retaining some consistency in a stronger league will interest some teams, and adding some more silverware if possible. He has to start getting the team to turn up in big games though. All to often when the crowds arrive at Pittodrie, the team don't.
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    Listened to Wiggy Milne being interviewed at the weekend. Said that he gave DM time to consider his options and that in the end, his head ruled his heart. Some suggestion that DM is involved in 90% of what goes on at the Dons and that he was concerned this would not be the case at Sevco where the chain of command and responsibility is as clear as mud.

    Think you are right simply to suggest that both Sunderland and Sevco are notoriously badly run clubs, cash-strapped, and that seem to be graveyards for managers and players. Sometimes you just do not need the grief, even for more money. When a well run club of a certain stature approaches DM, he will likely be away, even if Wiggys assertion that DM is up there with SAF seems a bit far fetched.


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