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Thread: Paralympics

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    cut and paste so ignore spelling/grammar

    It was the start of the new season and the local centre for the blind decided to start up a football team. They enlisted the help of a top ex-coach to help the team get started.

    On the first day of practice the 11 blind would-be footballers gathered on the local village green and were addressed by the new coach. Some of the players voiced their concerns that, as they were all blind, that they would make a rubbish football team and they should all go home. "nonsense!" exclaimed the new coach, " i have a cunning plan that will enable you all to have a game of footy".

    The coach tied a small bell to the football and began training the team to use their ears to keep a game going for 90minutes, after 3 weeks intensive training the progress of the team was fantastic, all the players were well chuffed with their new found skill and they all thanked the coach for his great idea.

    At the next training session one of the players took the coach aside and presented him with a ten pound note.

    "I know its not much" he said; "But we had a whip-round and we want you to relax today, take this money and get yourself a couple of pints in the pub, we can practise without you today"

    And so, the coach took the money and went over the road and got himself a pint of best.

    About 30 minutes later a policeman enters the pub and approaches the coach;

    "Excuse me sir, im guessing by your tracksuit that you may have something to do with the blind football team over on the green?" enquired the PC.

    "Well yes" said the coach proudly; "they're my team, why?, is there a problem?"

    "yes," replied the PC, "they're kicking the **** out of the Morris Dancers"

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    I liked that Wullie - not a lot, but I liked it

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    I chatted briefly with Mickey Yule at the Cateran Yomp in June. Really level headed guy considering what he's been through.
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    Yeah, he was really sound.


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