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Thread: Invincible No More

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    Well done to Hearts. Its seemed like that Celtic have been on the ropes a bit of late, and no-one has managed to get that win over them.

    I didn't see yesterday's game but sounds like Hearts set up similarly to how we did at Hampden in the Scottish Cup final. It worked better than other recent performances against them, we caused them problems, but the issue is if you're nae winning comfortably after 60 mins having adopted this approach, you'll feel it a lot more at the end of the game than Celtic.

    I hope to see us have a go next week. I would rather do that and lose 3 or 4 goals to them, rather than try and control them and ultimately see them grind us down.
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    Previously, BK, if Celtic went a goal down there was a sense of inevitability that they would equalise then go on to win. Hopefully Hearts have shown them, and everyone, that there is no inevitability now. Maybe if you can score first then the doubts will begin to creep into their psyche - if even a little.
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    Bloody hell.

    Along with Hearts only Hibs, Well and Saints are the ones to have given them a game. Shame on the rest of you.

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    And a **** result at the weekend

    Well played Dons


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