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    Liverpool have lost it

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2010wedoneitagain View Post
    I would move to Glasgow.

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    Signed the player they have been chasing for 6 months, paying 15m more to secure him is no big deal in that league, I hope he is a success and that Liverpool are back challenging for the top honours.

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    Celtic get £7.5m. ****s.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arabest View Post
    Celtic get £7.5m. ****s.
    Itís good for Scottish football though.

    Did you not know that Celticís benevolence is responsible for everything that ever exists?
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    I think he is over-rated. Even in our ****ty league he made basic mistakes in his time at Celtic. Time will tell though but it's crazy money in my opinion.

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    Football's gone crazy down there.

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    Aye there wasn't any austerity or tightening of the belt in football down there, mental transfer fees and wages for kicking a ball about.

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    He'll always be $#@! to me


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