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Thread: 2018/19 Ins & Outs

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    Biggest concern is Kelly in goal, he's no Neil Alexander. Any chance we could get him back on loan?

    Watched the goals on Sky sports news in our pre season 2-2 draw with QoS and he was indecisive and at fault for their equaliser, should've come and punched the ball clear but he pulled up and stood waiting to catch the ball, allowing Dykes to get his foot on it and knock it over his head into our goal, he really doesn't fill me with confidence. He'll concede goals that Alexander wouldn't have, and we really can't afford to be doing that playing in a higher league if we're hoping to stay up.

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    Egli Kaja, Albanian U21 international, on loan from AFC Wimbledon.

    “He is quick, powerful and direct and will bring a different dimension to our offensive options.
    Sounds promising, a pacy winger who can play as a striker, ticks all the boxes on what we've been needing.

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    Winger Steven Lawless from plastic whistle, plenty of Premiership experience, can't really remember much about him in the play offs, hopefully a decent winger.

    Another 2 signings to come before we play Celtic.

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    Lawless is a great signing in my opinion. I doubt you’ll be disappointed with him.

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    James Brown Right back from Millwall on a 6 months loan deal. Should be good for a slide tackle or two.

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    In amongst the managerial shock exit we've signed Steve Lawson a Togo International right back.

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    Dolly Menga is our latest signing, a striker with rapid pace, should give us good options up front to play alongside Hardie or Hamilton.

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    Looks like James Brown is heading back to Millwall and we've brought in Bobby Burns from Hearts. Heard Brown's agent was pals with Kenny Miller and a wee bit of old pals act bringing him to Livi as a favour, waste of fecking time like everything else Miller did.


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