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Thread: Dundee WW2 Tragedy

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    Default Dundee WW2 Tragedy

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    Very interesting Mio.

    It certainly sounds like a hushed-up D Day related training exercise.

    Dunno if you know this, but the Germans flooded much of the coastal hinterland in Normandy and other low lying parts of Northern France to deter glider landings and paratroops. They breached dams and rerouted rivers etc to turn huge swathes of open country into what were in effect giant lakes.

    When the US airborne dropped paratroops inland on June 5 to take strategic towns and bridges, many landed in the water and, like in the Dundee exercise, many drowned. I think this may even have featured in the Band of Brothers tv series.

    Anyway, my guess is the Tay exercise was aimed at dropping paras, fully equipped into shallow water. But given the prevailing weather, many were blown into open sea.


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