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    This top flight is all over the place with fixtures, no game for a fortnight then just the one game before another week and a half without a game, then a midweek game. Better still cram Dec to **** with fixtures before a winter break, 8 games in December and one week that has Tues and Fri games, it's mental.

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    SPFL really couldn’t organise the proverbial piss up in a brewery.

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    Excuses in for our results this week, Wed night was murder, we looked well off the pace with our passing, sloppy passes all over the place but St Johnstone got a couple of lucky breaks of the ball that fell perfect for them and scored an early goal, from then on it was game over, neither team was great but they played it perfectly to hang on to a 1-0 win.

    Accies game was different, we started slowly and grew into the game and should've been a goal up by HT. 2nd half we had several chances to get ahead and ended up throwing caution to the wind taking Lamie off to push for a winner, and ended up getting caught with a sucker punch when the game looked like we were well in control and never going to lose. Lack of composure in front of goal cost us though, we should never have needed to take a risk at the end.

    Now the cobwebs are off we've got 2 easy games coming up next, Celtic at home and Sevco away, piece of piss.


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