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Thread: Game Week 13, Ross County v Dundee United, 10 Nov 18

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happybirthdayralph View Post
    Want us to run over the top of this *****. Absolute dinghy team.
    Totally agree. Hopefully they will ship a few goals.

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    The loss to County flattered them to an extent.

    it wasn’t that they ran all over us and outclassed us all over the pitch, but rather than our goalkeeper and defence just flogged goal after goal.

    if we can keep it together at the back, we’ll be ok,
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    Waiting for Dufc1983 to accept he was wrong.

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    We cant afford to lose this game, I'd take a draw now, however I don't see many teams in this league beating them so to gain ground on them we have to do it ourselves.

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    I do love his interviews. Helping to banish the horrific memories of wafflepish

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    Really hope Frans and Booth make this. Edge did fine last week but likely to be tested more defensively this weekend so Frans is a safer bet. Also thought Booth was excellent against QOS so hoping he can continue that form against County.

    Cant see any other changes to the starting 11

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    It's great to start thinking about a settled line-up with all players knowing their own job and that of those around them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly The Flag View Post
    It's great to start thinking about a settled line-up with all players knowing their own job and that of those around them.
    Frans in for the Edge would be the only change for me, assuming Booth is fit.

    Strongly agree that a settled team with everyone knowing their roles and responsibilities is ideal and something we didn't have for most (all?) of Wafflepish's period in charge. Only slight reservation I have is that Stanton is probably a bit wasted sitting deep with Fyvie as he is at his best when getting forward from behind the striker and breaking the lines - but a minor issue only in the grand scheme of things compared to where we were a couple of months ago.

    Like most, I'd probably take a point but we could really be doing with beating them. Looking forward to the game (and that's not something you could say too often over the last twelve months!)

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    Tickets picked up, really looking forward to the game now. Team bus was just about to leave.

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    Gutted I’m missing this today , have done my back in .Junior and his mates have just left and everyone buzzing .Hope arabzone is actually working or will be double gutted .Anyhow we need at least a draw today if we want to go straight up as league winners ( and to keep confidence up ) ,ross county won’t drop many points .Though fancy us to sneak a win by the odd goal ,cmon United ! !
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