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Thread: Game Week 13, Ross County v Dundee United, 10 Nov 18

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    We’ve got them games 27 and 32, hopefully Robbie’s positive influence is still working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manderinineri2015 View Post
    We’ve got them games 27 and 32, hopefully Robbie’s positive influence is still working.
    Hopefully clear of the sheep shagging ****s by then

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    no just the edge...the change in McMullens drive and attitude is the stand out change for me

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    We have to go to Highlands twice in last quarter of season. Tough task.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigseve View Post
    Agree with most of this but not the 2nd last paragraph.

    I think the 3 of them are doing really well and wouldnít want them changed for anyone that we currently have in the system we are currently playing. I like the way that one minute itís Aird right, McMullan central, King left and the next itís Aird left, King central and McMullan right. You can almost see it confusing the opposition. Airdís delivery is generally outstanding, McMullan seems to finally be getting closer to producing the end product weíve all been screaming for him to have. They all link up well with Safranko, who is quite simply at least a level above where we are right now, which is great to see. They all fight and work hard for each other (King not as much maybe). Possibly even more importantly though, they all look like they love playing together. When was the last time we had a front 4 that looked like that?

    I like Stanton and, youíre right, we do lose a bit playing him deeper but a) which one of the 3 behind Safranko would you drop for him and b) who comes in to play where Stanton currently plays? King and Rabbitsh? That surely weakens us?
    Don't really disagree with that analysis - my reason for raising this is that RN has clearly worked hard on the defence but going forward we need to consistently carry more goal threat and that means getting players more advanced and around Safranko (who I agree is playing to a standard well beyond anything we've seen in recent years).

    Concern would be whether McMullan and King can sustain a level of performance over time or whether they will revert to what we had from them for most of last season. But as you say moving Stanton creates issues elsewhere (and Rabbitsh gives me the fear!).

    The other issue for me is that so far neither Clark or Curran look particularly good value or are easy to fit in if Safranko stays fit and I wonder whether the No 10 role is where RN might look to strengthen in January assuming he has the funds/scope to do so.

    All minor issues at the margins however against the positive advances made in the last wee while.


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