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Thread: On holiday Dave?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highland_Arab View Post
    Dave's gone awfy quiet.
    thank ****

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    Quote Originally Posted by arabinblack View Post
    See if you get to the stage the manager's is on the line from game to game you'd be as well sacking him now because even of Hibs do win on Sunday it's only delaying the inevitable

    For sporting integrity and fairness to all the teams in the league, Hecky shouldn't be punted till Hibs have played everyone at least once, or at least till after they've played Livi.

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    An in-depth look at Super, our meatball-unicorn talisman.

    We worked very hard on this one, particularly Copa90's Findlay Marks via a superb production. Please give him some love as we try to extol the virtues of Scottish football on both sides of the border!

    Thanks for the support, if you like what we do please do consider sharing and liking.

    All the best,
    Andy, Alba\Matter

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    What the ****
    Quote Originally Posted by 2010wedoneitagain
    I would move to Glasgow


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