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Thread: Accessing the Site

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    Quote Originally Posted by eaststandarab2 View Post
    I'm getting on fine with WiFi but after getting new phone on Saturday I can't get on with data. This and a handful of other sites coming up as "your connection is not private"
    Get a new pair of specs. It's saying "your privates are not connected".

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    My Norton anti virus won’t let me access the site on my PC or MacBook stating ‘Dangerous Web Page Blocked’

    I can only access via my phone as a result??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark View Post
    I've been looking into this.

    The problem is that vBulletin's newest version is universally **** and panned from all corners. I'll see if there's an alternative; should give me something to do if I find myself quarantined...
    Appreciate what you are doing, but would it not be better to update to, maybe a not so good version of vbullettn, but that is more secure than the current version and allow people to access they site, without security issues and being blocked by their ISP's?

    Surely the security issue, is more of a worry, than a not so good version of vbulletin?
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    It's not so much the flakiness of the new version, it's the US$200 price tag.
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    Just finally got back into here, changed mobile provider and couldn’t ever get in through my phone or Tapatalk. Thought the site was down but managed to add the site to some safe list and get back on!


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