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Thread: CoronaVirus

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    The cult are just trying to be different, all Boris has to say to them is "please don't jump off the cliff", and guess what the cult would do. Come on Boris, please ask the cult not to jump off a cliff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eaststandarab2 View Post
    Where do we start? 8 folk can sit in a garden together but only 3 can play golf. From the 15th you can sit in an indoor pub and drink and belch but if you go to a shop you must wear a mask. Some places will require 2m distance some will require 1m
    Sorry Seve......
    Is there more risk if you donít wear a mask in a pub and a shop, or only in the pub?
    Seriously my kids understand that risk is being gradually increased and you could not have something thatís 100% consistent and be understandable.
    As someone with no political allegiance, i get that you are frustrated at having your freedoms infringed upon, but I find the obsession of seemingly criticising every life and death choice being made in the face of increasing evidence that we are correct in being more cautious, baffling and a bit weird. The more people that are saved or prevented from being ill the better. The number of potential long-term impacts is stacking up and there is a massive risk that the original herd immunity plan may lead to 20 years of ME, type one diabetes, strokes, heart weakness and neurological disorders that health services are going to have to deal with. The original plan was wrong and Scotland has rightly stated an ambition to follow the New Zealand model and go for elimination followed by track and trace management. As far as Iím aware, the UK government hasnít even set an objective for England.
    Centralisation has been an absolute disaster in this crisis and I suspect it has added to the case for independence despite the furlough system helping the country massively in the short-term (although itís a good job the kids donít understand that theyíll be paying for it!!).

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