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    Have had 7 weeks off with a leg injury, got back out on the roads today, fecking brilliant not being stuck in the garage working on recovery, and the roads were deserted too.

    Will be a bit before I return to sleeping in bus shelters I suspect.

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    Apart from the odd attempt I've been off the bike for about 3 years after a back injury. Went out last week tho to give it a try and while the back was fine I was breathing out my arse. Need to stick at it and get the stamina back

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    I gave my bike away about 3 years ago because I wasn't getting near it. Sod's law.

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    Went out today for another cycle. Pretty much same route as last week but found it a bit easier today. Ended up going a bit further. Will keep building up slowly like that the next couple of weeks when shifts and weather allow then hopefully be ready to step it up further

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    Got out again today, fine on the flat but into the headwind and any sort of rise I was struggling.

    Had more problems with the good leg than bad, possibly still compensating though.

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