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Thread: Arbitration Panel - Silence

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    Without a doubt, and I think Lord Clarke mentioned that in his judgement as well.
    Life shouldn’t feel normal just now. So if your life still feels entirely normal, ask yourself if you are doing the right things, or if instead you might be putting yourself and others at unnecessary risk.

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    The costs will be a bigger hit, although if Anderson is paying it they won't be affected.

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    The inevitable knuckle-wrap - more of a knuckle-tap - was the only way forward.

    Alternative outcomes did amuse but the fallout would've been awful for all.

    Main decision was the right one.. all that matters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tacitus Kilgore View Post
    Is the rule not more that it's illegal to take them to court without going through the agreed to rules first? Hearts and Thistle should have gone to SFA arbitration first but, had they felt they didn't get a fair shake, could they then have gone to court without running afoul of the association rules?
    Only if it was deemed that the SPFL didn't do all they could to help Hearts et al avoid relegation, that's why the SPFL came up with the final reconstruction proposal, so that if Hearts went to court they'd be chucked out and told to go to arbitration.


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