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Thread: New DUFC TV

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    Young lad has Arabzone. Logged in yesterday and every page said “404 page not found”. Contacted the DUTV email address who reset his password, tried to log in with that new password and got told to **** off. Reset his password using the reset link and can now log into Arabzone but when he tries to access content he gets told to go to DUTV. Tries to log in to DUTV with arabzone credentials and hets told to **** off. I’m ****ing sick of it.

    Is anyone that had Arabzone (UK householder) getting access to DUTV with their arabzone credentials?

    On the brightside the ****s only took 4.99 off me today instead of the 6.99 i expected them too.
    Think Arabzone is now offline/decommissioned. They are migrating content over to DUTV, but don't expect that to be quick.

    I got access to DUTV using the forgotten password link, and got access straight away, and could access on my phone and tablet. Not tried laptop, but away on holiday now and didn't bring it. Never had any problems since either.

    Only thing I can offer is maybe there's a missing capital letter,digit or special character in your password?

    Sorry I can't offer any more Seve.

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    Cheers guys.

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    Got mine all sorted, sent a bit of a snippy email to Riki Gruar and she emailed me back with a new password. Works a treat now. Probably got done out of my last ArabZone monthly subscription though
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